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"A Silver Retrospective"

October 5 - November 12, 2023

Royse Contemporary is proud to present ‘A Silver Retrospective’, the solo exhibition of Peter Brian Klein. This highly anticipated exhibition will showcase Klein’s striking collection of silver gelatin prints he has created over the course of his career thus far. A true master of his craft, Klein‘s artwork explores a wide variety of subject matter and feels that art is a communicative device that should convey, and even at times, create emotion. His aesthetic vision is primarily Black & White with his subject matter varying as his perspective changes from natural to architectural and even avant-grade imagery. “The allure of B&W photography is nostalgic, timeless, how it allows me to set the mood and emphasize emotion,” states Klein.

The world of silver gelatin printing is a rich and rewarding one for Klein, who has spent years mastering the technical process required to achieve consistent results and receives such emotional resonance from holding the physical print and final artwork. Whether he is capturing the play of light on a landscape, the stark contrast of shadows and highlights in a portrait, or the abstract patterns of light and dark in an experimental print, he aims to create images that are both visually striking and emotionally evocative.

The process of working with light-sensitive paper, carefully manipulating exposures and chemical treatments, and ultimately creating a physical print that is both tangible and ephemeral is a deeply satisfying and meditative practice. Beyond the technical considerations, Klein is drawn to the emotional resonance of silver gelatin prints. In an age where we are inundated with digital images that are often fleeting and ephemeral, the physicality of a silver gelatin print is a reminder of the tangible nature of photography. “Looking back on my journey as a silver gelatin printmaker, I am grateful for the insights and lessons that this process has imparted,” states Klein.

Peter Brian Klein was born, raised and educated in Phoenix, Arizona. He fell in love with photography at a young age and ever since then he knew that it would be on a life long
journey of learning and exploration of the photographic process.

“A Silver Retrospective” exhibition will open to the public Thursday, October 5, 2023 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. We will host the opening reception with an opportunity to meet the artist, along with refreshments and treats. A Silver Retrospective will be on display at Royse Contemporary from October 5 through November 12, 2023.

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