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Charmagne Vasquez

About the artist...

Charmagne Vasquez is a native Arizonan artist. She earned a minor in art, a BA in elementary education at Northern Arizona University and is also self-taught. She grew up in mid-town Phoenix in a family of creatives who taught her many art forms. Young, foundational experiences began a life of communicating and expressing by art. She has internationally exhibited her paintings and drawings. Her work has been found in, amongst others, the pages of Creative Quarterly in which she was a winner in the category of fine art, Phoenix Magazine, Luxe Interiors + Design and Utne Reader.  She has collaborated on projects with other visual artists and musicians, such as the ambient UK band, Pausal, and Michaela Meadow in her book, Viriditas: Anthology Celebrating the Work of Contemporary Women Artists. She was invited to be a guest art columnist for Arcadia Magazine in Oklahoma. 

In Arizona, she had past careers as an elementary school teacher and a fiber arts business owner, concurrent to her journey as a visual artist. She had her first formal solo exhibition, Embark, at Coconino Center for the Arts. Later, she went on to exhibit in other Arizona institutions such as ASU Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona Opera, Herberger Theater and downtown Phoenix’s monOrchid Gallery, where she gained representation in 2013. In 2015, she and her family moved to Vashon Island, WA for a year. The remote experience had a significant, introspective impact on her perspective and visions. The verdant coastline and temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest additionally informed the way she biophilically approaches composition, texture and color. She regularly ferried across the Puget Sound to be represented by Seattle’s Ghost Gallery and participate in the Center on Contemporary Art.  

In 2016, Charmagne moved back to her hometown, Phoenix. Her work is now represented by gallery, Royse Contemporary, in historic Scottsdale arts district. She regularly participates in the Downtown Phoenix art community and is actively involved in several art organizations. Her most recent direction of art is in assemblage and abstract surrealism across many media. She relies on an intuitive, spontaneous approach to guide her. The element of surprise is critical while weaving together two and three-dimensional narratives. These narratives can be highly abstracted, while also imbedding characters and other identifiable subjects. Ephemera from her home, travels and nature are enmeshed and pushing out from the canvas surface. Each painting is a response and mediation on the struggles and joys of everyday life. She creates works in her home studio, and also immensely enjoys working en plein air.