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Charmagne Vasquez Coe is a native Arizonan artist. She earned a minor in art, a BA in elementary education at Northern Arizona University and is also self-taught. she grew up in mid-town Phoenix in a family of creatives. As a child, she sat by her father, a fine jeweler, assisting him in stringing necklaces of coral, opal and turquoise, and she learned many fiber and hand arts from her mother. These foundational experiences began a life of communicating and sharing by creating. She has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings internationally for a decade. Her work has been found in, among others, the pages of Creative Quarterly in which she was a winner in the category of fine art, Luxe Interiors + Designand Utne Reader.  Most recently in January 2018, she was featured in Phoenix Magazine. She has collaborated on projects with other artists and musicians, such as the ambient UK band, Pausal, and Michaela Meadow in her book, Viriditas: Anthology Celebrating the Work of Contemporary Women Artists.

In Arizona, she has had a career as an elementary school teacher for nine years, owned a fiber arts business with her husband and continued her journey as a visual artist.  Her other interest in writing free verse poetry, cross-pollinates her visual artwork. While living in Flagstaff for 24 years, the supportive art community welcomed her to exhibit in many local galleries. A highlight while there, was her first formal exhibition, Embark,at Coconino Center for the Arts, chosen to run concurrent to Joe Sorren’s solo exhibition, Interruption, A Retrospective. She later went on to exhibit in otherArizona institutions such ASU Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona Opera, Herberger Theater  and downtown Phoenix’s monOrchid Gallery, where she gained representation in 2013.  In 2015, she and her family moved to Vashon Island, WA for a year. This remote experience had a significant, introspective impact on her perspective and visions. The verdant coastline and temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest informed the way she biophilically approached the drawn and painted line, as well as her palette. She regularly ferried across the Puget Sound to be represented by Seattle’s Ghost Gallery and participate in Center on Contemporary Art. Now, Charmagne again lives in her “hometown”, Phoenix, with her husband and two boys. 





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