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Gennaro Garcia

About the artist...

Garcia is a seasoned artist, advocate, and chef who has brilliantly melded together all of his passions, living his best life. He creates vivid multi-media work that is engaging and beautiful, showcasing the artist’s distinctive style and love of his countries. His process is something that one just doesn’t see done today “utilizing a combination of Italian techniques from working with oils and acrylics to working with wood, plaster and marble while blended with a vibrant color palette from his childhood growing up in Mexico. “Art is addictive and therapeutic, it is the best way to communicate the way I feel, think, love”, declares Garcia.

Garcia has extensively exhibited his artwork in more than 80 exhibitions in the last 5 years and his work is featured in 10 galleries in USA and Mexico throughout the United States and Mexico. He has been featured in numerous local and national publications including a recent cover and feature in Java Magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden, Phoenix Magazine, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix New Times, and Univision. Garcia is also the resident artist at Xico Inc.- Latin & Native American Arts Organization. 

In early 2018 Garcia partnered with Aaron Chamberlin to open Taco Chelo in Downtown Phoenix, highlighting the traditions of Mexican food and his artwork. To date he has handled the interior design of 7 restaurants, featuring his art and furniture design including Taco Chelo and Chamberlin’s newest restaurant Ghost Ranch. Garcia just finished a permanent art installation at two different wineries in Mexico, as well as installing a large collection of his artwork at Talavera at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale. For the last two year’s Garcia has had the pleasure of working with Disney, being invited to speak about his life as an artist and to create a mural with his daughter in Mexico. Lastly he is set to open a gallery in Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico next summer.  

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