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"Soul Artifacts"

November 16, 2023 - January 2, 2024

Royse Contemporary is thrilled to present the much anticipated solo exhibition ‘Soul Artifacts’ from Casey Wakefield. This exhibition will showcase Wakefield’s latest collection of mixed media abstract paintings. The essence of the artist's work and this new collection is to “capture the intangible remnants of emotions, thoughts, and experiences, translating them onto canvas as interconnected and layered planes of expression. Her work offers a truly contemplative and organic transformation of colors, drips, and marks captured in abstract form on canvas, that elicits and creates an emotional connection for someone.

Wakefield goes on to say that, “these artifacts serve as tangible evidence of the complex web of interactions and influences that exist beyond what meets the eye, allowing us to explore and appreciate the intricate connections and depths of our collective experiences.” The artist's evocative use of color engages the viewers senses, creating compositions of color, some predictable and others unpredictable, with layers of acrylic ink, collage, acrylic paint, finished with oil paint. When asked about her art and creative process she explains, "I find that the joy of painting is to watch the abstract emerge into something that evolves from the process and in the end creates an emotional connection for the viewer."

Wakefield was raised in a small midwestern town in central Illinois, she would go on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Illinois State University. She obtained her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix. Wakefield would go on to study painting at the Milan Art Institute, where she discovered her passion for color and letting the process of painting determine the outcome in abstract form. She is currently represented by Royse Contemporary in Scottsdale. Her work has been featured in both national and international publications including House and Garden, Phoenix Home and Garden magazine, and Scottsdale Independent, just to name a few.

“Soul Artifacts” exhibition will open to the public Thursday, November 16, 2023 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. We will host the opening reception with an opportunity to meet the artist, along with refreshments and treats. “Soul Artifacts” will be on display at Royse Contemporary from November 16, 2023 through January 2, 2024.

"Soul Artifacts": Event
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