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Cam DeCaussin

About the artist...

Cam DeCaussin’s work is inspired by empty, quiet living spaces and their ability to express themes of solace, sadness, separation and contemplation. Primarily focusing on moments within neighborhood homes during the dawn and dusk hours of the day, these brief moments showcase when life exists within. He is drawn to the physiological response to flirt with voyeurism, each painting acts as a living television screen, a reminder that we truly are not the center of our own universe; that we are but background actors in an infinite amount of story lines, and we exist in that story often for brief seconds. DeCaussin work has been greatly influenced by the work of painter Edward Hopper and photographer Gregory Crewdson, whose powerful work share similar themes.  He is a skilled oil painter with a keen eye for detail along with an incredible ability to capture the energy and mystery within his subjects. 

DeCaussin was formally trained in the arts receiving his Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Illustration from Grand Valley State University. Recently he completed his Masters Fine Art in Painting and Drawing from Arizona State University. His work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions including: AZ Biennial Tucson Museum of Art, New City Studios, Fine Art Complex 1101, Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery, Manifest Gallery, Harry Wood Gallery, Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, The Lodge Art Studio, Step Gallery, Shemer Art Center, 13 Contemporary Art Space, Renmin University. His work has been featured in such publications as: New American Painting West Competition, Inverse Conversations 2015, Creative Quarterly 20, and Phoenix New Times. DeCaussin currently resides in Phoenix and is an Adjunct Faculty at both Arizona State University and Estrella Mountain Community College. 

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