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Gerry Groeber

About the artist...

Gerry Groeber been creating  art for over 30 years, beginning his artistic journey in Southern California in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Groeber was surrounded by pop culture, mid-century design, and iconic 1970’s architecture. “Having a father that was an abstract painter is now a powerful influence,” says Gerry.“Working with acrylic on canvas and panel, my work is bold, colorful, and shows a love for classic abstracts,” declares Groeber. His work has been described as contemporary abstract with a mid-century modern vibe.


Groeber is also an Award-winning photographer who specializes in fine art landscape photography and  videography of the American Southwest. He is currently a contributing photographer for Arizona Highways Magazine. His work has graced the pages of prominent photography magazines including Outdoor Photographer and Shutterbug Magazine. Groeber currently resides in Prescott Arizona with his wife.

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