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Lee Davis

About the artist...

Lee Davis is an artist living in Phoenix, Arizona orginially growing up in rural mid-Missouri with a natural curiosity for flora and fauna. Those formative years of my childhood were influential in my desire to become an artist and interpret the world around me through humorous and energetic paintings and drawings. My current series, Strangely Familiar is a playful series of paintings that molds evolution into a surreal alternate reality. In this world, octopuses with butterfly wings float on the breeze chasing dandelion seeds. Skittish clownfish quickly dart in and out of prickly pear cactus for protection. Hungry giant Portuguese man-O-wars patrol the high desert skies. These wonderful creatures exploring and thriving in their unusual environments are just a few lively examples of a bold, new, yet strangely familiar world!

I sell my original paintings and drawings through my website and art galleries. In 2021 I began a tips and tricks YouTube Channel for oil and acrylic painters. I’m an alumni member of the artist-collective Eye Lounge and my work has been shown nationally and locally in Arizona including Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Coconino Center for the Arts, Scottsdale Public Library, {9} Gallery, Royse Contemporary, as well as hanging on walls of private collections.

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