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Casey Wakefield

Casey Wakefield

About the artist...

Casey Wakefield is an abstract artist who creates color impressions. She captures the essence of experiences, moments, and memories in unique and spontaneous color patterns. Her depictions express a contemplative and genuine transformation of colors, drips, and marks onto the canvas with mixed media and oil that develop into individual layers and depth within each piece of art. When viewing Casey's abstract paintings, you will see and feel an inner working that has traveled onto the canvas.

She creates her artwork in her studio while listening to different genres of music, usually based on what experience or memory she is depicting.

"In the process of painting, I have found that each brushstroke is just like the journey in life, taking one step at a time towards your purpose and surprised by how you transform and evolve by trusting each step." Her paternal grandparents were raised in the Amish faith and within Casey's artwork you can see an internal reflection of their way of life in her minimalist, but purposeful approach to her abstract paintings.

Wakefield grew up in small Midwestern town in central Illinois. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Illinois State University. Wakefield has studied classical painting at the Milan Art Institute, where she discovered her passion for color and applying layers of paint and letting the process determine the outcome. Wakefield currently resides in the Gilbert with her husband and three children.

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