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Joe Ray

About the artist...

Joe Ray is a visual artist as well as a creative director, illustrator, writer and storyteller living in Scottsdale. He was born in San Luis, R.C., Sonora, Mexico and grew up in western Arizona on the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) Reservation in Poston Arizona. His work reflects a colorful bi-cultural perspective formed by the Arizona and Mexico regions. His work has been in a variety of exhibits and publications throughout the U.S. and Mexico. 

Ray’s work evokes color and passion, much of his subject matter includes Corazones (hearts), which are filled with love, lust, passion and emotion. Joe’s work also features voluptuous Sirenas, as well as Angels and the occasional masked Luchador. Much of his work reflects a bicultural perspective, which was shaped by the Arizona and Mexico region, as well as the people living in this area. A small black & white television set blurred reality and imagination, as well as language for the artist. These are the people and places that have inspired him, especially the Sirenas and the Angels. “I believe only demons think in straight lines. I am not a demon,” says Ray. 

His latest series title "Angelic Healers" are meant to bring a healing presence to those in need. This need may be an immediate need, or simply an inspiration for the future. They are our personal guardian angels. Sometimes the healing that is delivered is not of the physical self, but for healing the mind and/or spirit. These Angels soothe. They sing, they whisper, and they inspire. They bring peace. 

When asked about his work Ray affirms, “I’m easily inspired and amused. Growing up in rural western Arizona, I know and appreciate that this is a place with quite a bit of dust, rocks and great sunsets. Colorful sunsets make for colorful dreams, and a colorful imagination. These colors are real and filled with dreams, love, lust, passion, and emotion.”

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