September 5 - 29, 2019


Royse Contemporary kick offed their second year and new season  with “Emotions”, a small group exhibition exploring feelings, expression of emotion, and knowledge through emotion is translated into artwork and the creative process. The exhibition showcases the work of five noteworthy artists including: Charmagne Coe, Dan Pederson, Diane Sanborn, Daniel Shepherd, and Casey Wakefield.

Curator, Nicole Royse has selected an enthralling group of artists that have an incredible energy, originality, and a distinctive voice. Each artist creates alluring yet enigmatic work exploring emotions, showcasing each artist’s style, engrossing forms, and unique textures.

A striking collection of work from five talented artists that may appear aesthetically different but have an undeniable bond and vitality that connects their work. “This exhibition offers an eclectic selection of work with artists working in painting, collage, and mixed media, highlighting art that is visceral, authentic and engaging”, states Owner/Curator, Nicole Royse. 

August 1 - 29, 2019


Royse Contemporary is delighted to celebrate their two year anniversary with “People, Places & Things”,  a dynamic  group exhibition examining the complexities of our everyday life and what we encounter, people, places and things. Royse has selected artists whose work highlights these engaging subjects while pushing their mediums to produce stunning and thought provoking work,blending observation and imagination. This exhibition showcases the work of five noteworthy artists including: James Angel, Cam DeCaussin, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Peter Brian Klein, and Daniel Shepherd.

This exhibitionoffers an eclectic selection of work with artists working in an array of mediums including painting, collage, photography, and mixed media highlighting their distinctive voice, mastery of medium, and unique perspectives. “These artist’s work highlights these subjects in a truly alluring way, presenting work that is visually captivating and commanding and I am ecstatic to bring this exhibition to Scottsdale at Royse Contemporary,” states Owner/Curator, Nicole Royse.


People, Places & Thingswill open to the public on Thursday, August  1, 2019 with a special artist reception coinciding with the weekly Scottsdale ArtWalk from 6:00-9:00pm. The evening will feature an opportunity to meet the featured artist’s and curator, along with light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments. Royse Contemporary is ecstatic to host a special celebration for their two year anniversary to celebrate the gallery, our artists, and amazing art on Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 7:00-9:00pm. 

People, Places & Thingswill be on display at Royse Contemporary from August 1 through August 31, 2019. 

June 13 - July 27, 2019


Royse Contemporary is proud to present "Moments of Color", a  group exhibition examining color, reflecting upon the artists inclusion or omission of it within their work, reflecting upon the effects color creates within both the artist and viewer. This exhibition showcases the work of six noteworthy artists including: Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Nigel Clouse, Charmagne Coe, Gennaro Garcia, Daniel Shepherd, and Onna Voellmer.

This exhibition offers an eclectic selection of work with artists working in an array of mediums including painting, drawing, photography and mixed media. "I am delighted to bring this enchanting collection of work to Royse Contemporary, featuring artists whose work offers a vibrancy, distinctive voice and vitality that captivates viewers,” remarks Owner/Curator Nicole Royse.

April 4, 2019- May 26, 2019


Royse Contemporary is proud to present Observation & Imagination, their first large group exhibition examining the ideas of observation verses imagination, reflecting upon the artists perspective and creative process. This exhibition showcases the work of thirteen noteworthy artists including: Angel Cabrales, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Charmagne Coe, Bill Dambrova, Lee Davis, Cam DeCaussin, Gennaro Garcia, Rafael Navarro, Dan Pederson, Daniel Shepherd, Marilyn Szabo, Casey Wakefield, and Scott “ColorOrgy” Wolf.

Typically, one would define “Observation” in art as drawing or painting from life, while “Imagination” emphasizes the artist’s ability to produce images and ideas without any immediate input of the senses. Owner/Curator, Nicole Royse has selected artists who both typify and transcend these categories, creating powerful work that offers a distinctive voice, mastery of medium, and unique perspective. This exhibitionoffers an eclectic selection of work with artists working in an array of mediums including collage, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media. Observation & Imagination aims to create a dialog and connection with these artists, highlighting their use of imagery, engaging styles, and strong voice. 


Observation & Imagination will open to the public Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 6:00-10:00pm with a special artist reception coinciding with the weekly Scottsdale ArtWalk. The evening will feature an opportunity to meet the artist’s and curator, along with light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments. Observation & Imagination will be on display at Royse Contemporary from April 4 through April 27, 2019.

February 28 - March 30, 2019


Royse Contemporary is proud to present Both Directions at Once, the solo exhibition of Daniel Shepherd. Shepherd has created a radiant collection of abstract paintings that are contemplative and minimalist in style. With this exhibition the artist wanted to return to painting after a brief hiatus of focusing on his collage work, reexamining his work from the past. “With this show I wanted to do a lot more with color and shape, letting each piece guide me, I have found a renewed joy of paintings that I believe is obvious in each piece in the new collection,” states Shepherd.

His work utilizes acrylic paint on repurposed wood panels, and he refers to his painting technique as “Ambient Painting” working with bright and saturated colors that often collide with pastels or minimal abstractions becoming more expansive with a plaintive serenity."I am elated to bring this mesmeric collection of Shepherd's newest abstract paintings to Royse Contemporary, she goes on to say, "through the years of working with this artist, his work has continued to evolve while maintaining its vibrancy, energy, and distinctive voice that has always captivated his viewers."

Daniel Shepherd is a self-taught artist creating mixed media collages and abstract paintings based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work is included in private collections around the world and he has exhibited his work extensively throughout Arizona and Palm Springs California. 

January 10 - February 23, 2019


Royse Contemporary is proud to present You Are Art, the solo exhibition of Gennaro Garcia. You Are Art has been the artist’s motto since 2018, “when in times where it looks as though hate is winning in our culture, I prefer to see the beauty around, everything and everyone inspires me in my art.” Garcia is a seasoned artist, advocate, and chef who has brilliantly melded together all of his passions, living his best life.

He creates vivid multi-media work that is engaging and beautiful, showcasing the artist’s distinctive style and love of his countries. His process is something that one just doesn’t see done today utilizing a combination of Italian techniques from working with oils, acrylics, wood, plaster blended with a vibrant color palette from his childhood growing up in Mexico” says Garcia. Garcia has created a powerful body of work paintings and sculptures that are peppered with religious references, his heritage all while blending old and new world. 

You Are Art showcases the artist’s latest collection of work incorporating and exploring various mediums including painting, prints, ceramics, and sculpture. Garcia says his passion, as an artist is to “create art in every single technique, style, color and texture." "His artwork is infused with familiar imagery and subjects inspired by both Mexican and American identities, religious references and his heritage, states Nicole Royse, Owner/Curator.

Garcia has extensively exhibited his artwork in more than 80 exhibitions in the last 5 years and his work is featured in 10 galleries in USA and Mexico throughout the United States and Mexico. 

December 6-January 5, 2019


Royse Contemporary is proud to present "Exposure: Architecture & Landscape", a small group photography exhibition highlighting captivating imagery of both architecture and landscapes found around the country. The photography featured in this exhibition showcases the beauty of nature, the simplicity and elegance of great design , all while capturing their surroundings with a refreshing new perspective and artistry.

This is Royse Contemporary's first photography exhibition, which features four talented and dynamic artist's: Marilyn Szabo, Andrew Pielage, Peter Brian Klein, and Johnny Kerr. Each artist has created striking and powerful imagery that showcases their unique style, distinct voice, keen eye for detail and mastery of their medium. " I have developed a strong relationship and deep respect for each artist and their work over the years and am ecstatic to showcase them here in Scottsdale at Royse Contemporary," states curator/owner Nicole Royse.

November 8 - December 2, 2018


Royse Contemporary is proud to present Shades of Evening, the solo exhibition of Cam DeCaussin. His work is inspired by empty, quiet living spaces and their ability to express themes of solace, sadness, separation and contemplation. Primarily focusing on moments within neighborhood homes during the dawn and dusk hours of the day, these brief moments showcase when life exists within. “I am drawn to the physiological response to flirt with voyeurism, each painting acts as a living television screen, a reminder that we truly are not the center of our own universe; that we are but background actors in an infinite amount of story lines, and we exist in that story often for brief seconds,” states DeCaussin.

DeCaussin says, “His work has been greatly influenced by the work of painter Edward Hopper and photographer Gregory Crewdson, whose powerful work share similar themes.” DeCaussin is a skilled oil painter with a keen eye for detail says, Curator Nicole Royse with an incredible ability to capture such energy and mystery within his subjects, going on to say, “Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of watching DeCaussin work evolve and it is truly an honor to be exhibiting his work at Royse Contemporary this November.”

DeCaussin was formally trained receiving his Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Illustration from Grand Valley State University eventually moving to Arizona where he received his Masters Fine Art in Painting and Drawing from Arizona State University. His work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions including: AZ Biennial Tucson Museum of Art, New City Studios, Fine Art Complex 1101, Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery, Manifest Gallery, Harry Wood Gallery, Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, The Lodge Art Studio, Step Gallery, Shemer Art Center, 13 Contemporary Art Space, Renmin University. His work has been featured in such publications as: New American Painting West Competition, Inverse Conversations 2015, Creative Quarterly 20, and Phoenix New Times. DeCaussin currently resides in Phoenix and is an Adjunct Faculty at both Arizona State University and Estrella Mountain Community College.

October 5 - 28, 2018


Royse Contemporary is proud to present Reinventing Abstraction, a small group exhibition highlighting abstract art that is visceral, authentic and engaging. Reinventing Abstraction highlights a thought-provoking collection of work from four talented artists that may appear aesthetically different, but have an undeniable connection and energy that unites their work.

Abstract art is typically defined as attempting not to represent external reality, but instead seeking to achieve its effect by utilizing shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Encapsulating all of these elements and more this exhibition offers a striking selection of paintings, drawings, and mixed media works by 4 regional contemporary female artists, including Barbara Kemp Cowlin, Victoria James, Jessica Palomo, and Diane Sanborn.

Curator, Nicole Royse selected an enthralling group of artists that have an incredible energy along with originality, a distinctive voice, and accomplished work. Each artist creates alluring yet enigmatic work exploring the concepts of form, space, color and line while continuing to examine the relationship between abstraction and representation. Reinventing Abstraction aims to highlight each artist’s engaging style, engrossing forms, dazzling color palettes, bold lines and unique textures.

September 6 - September 29, 2018


In celebration of the One Year Anniversary of Royse Contemporary, Curator and Owner Nicole Royse is honored to present Our History. This exhibition showcases an electrifying multi-media group exhibition that explores how artists’ today create, share and examine their histories through a contemporary lens. The artists’ lives and work share the common bond and passion for art and the influence of the southwest. The work created is compelling and authentic with original styles and captivating subject matter, resulting in art that produces meaning relevant to contemporary issues and life today.

Our History showcases the work of 7 regional contemporary artists, which include Gennaro Garcia, Fausto Fernandez, Frank Gonzales, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Charmagne Coe, Daniel Shepherd, and Marilyn Szabo. The exhibition will feature a diverse selection of work including painting, drawing, photography, collage, and mixed media highlighting the artists’ energetic styles, eclectic imagery and brilliant color palettes. These artists were selected based on their distinctive voice, ingenuity, and accomplished work. "It is my honor to work with this talented group of artists and present this exhibition to celebrate the one year anniversary of Royse Contemporary, states Royse. 

July 12- August 25, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to present a vibrant multi-media group exhibition entitled Elements of Style: Color, Line & Texture. Curator and owner Nicole Royse has selected artists based on their distinguished styles, accomplished work, and distinctive voice, each creating and embodying elements style. This exhibition showcases the work of eight noteworthy artists based in both Arizona and Texas including Angel Cabrales, Charmagne Coe, ColorOrgy, David Allan Paul, Dan Pederson, James Anthony Peters, Daniel Shepherd, and Marilyn Szabo. Their work is original, captivating, pushing boundaries and redefining their mediums in contemporary art today.

Elements of Style: Color, Line & Texture offers an eclectic selection of work that includes collage, drawing, mixed media, painting, and photography. These artists are connected through their striking imagery, originality, vibrant color palettes and engaging styles. "I am honored to showcase this talented group of artists, as I have a deep respect for each artist and their work and feel the combination of work and energy that each artists brings will be a spectacular summer exhibition at Royse Contemporary, states Royse." 

June 7 - 28, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce Touch of Pop, the joint exhibition of artists Nigel Clouse and Benjamin Goens. This exhibition will showcase the latest work of these talented artists, highlighting a dynamic selection of pop surrealistic digital composites and multi layered mixed media stencil paintings infused with Pop Art. “Popular Art was dominant movement in early 1960s American art, widely recognized and is easily accessible with diverse audiences around the world,” states Curator, Nicole Royse. Elaborating further stating “its use of common household objects, consumer products, and forms of media, creates mass appeal not to mention greatly inspired both artists and the overall direction of their work.”

Nigel Clouse is a Phoenix based artist known for his pop surrealistic digital composites incorporating femme fatales, pop culture references, and dystopian themes. He combines graphic elements to form alternate realities where the fabled American Dream exists only in myth. His work is based upon a childhood spent in a section of the American Midwest commonly referred to as the Rust Belt. The rural landscape of his youth is juxtaposed with the urban environments he currently inhabits working for corporate America. “My work is influenced by classic film, literature, television, science, technology, and social commentary, who goes on to elaborate further stating “I create art to share my misanthropic perspective with the world and to provide social commentary on personal experiences.” Clouse received his Bachelors of Art in Digital Design from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and he has worked as a creative for over a decade in the American Southwest.

Benjamin Goens, known as Benjam is a stencil artist based in Gilbert Arizona. He creates mixed media original artwork utilizing hand cut stencils, oil, and aerosol paints on canvas. His process includes up to 20 hand-cut stencil layers in a single image, used to apply vast colors of aerosol paints as well as various other mediums to create photorealistic tonal gradations in his imagery. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Art History and traveled extensively across Europe to study the art of classical antiquity and European masters. “I have always held a fascination for hip-hop culture, graffiti, and the evolution of street art which inspired him to begin cutting his first stencils in 2008.” Goens goes on to say “it wasn’t until 2014 that he began further experimenting with stencils and ultimately production of his own multilayered artwork, learning to cut intricate stencils to create detailed depictions of his subjects.” In 2018, he was a recipient of the inaugural Carmody Foundation Grant Project and recently participated in the inaugural Phoenix Mural Festival. Benjam has shown his work extensively in both solo and group exhibitions in the Phoenix metropolitan area and his work can be found in galleries and private collections around the world.

May 5 - June 1, 2018


Royse Contemporary is proud to present The Echo of Nature, the solo exhibition of Daniel Shepherd. For the last four years, Shepherd and Royse have collaborated on exciting exhibitions that showcase the artist's unique and often outlandish vintage collages captivating new audiences along the way. For this exhibition the artist wanted to work with something considered universally beautiful, flowers.

This striking body of work captures that essence, offering a familiar recall running through the work along with the artist's intention and desire to highlight the pure beauty of nature. Curator, Nicole Royse stated "I am thrilled to bring this riveting collection of Shepherd's new collage work to Royse Contemporary. She goes on to say "that over the last several years of working with Mr. Shepherd his work has continued to evolve while maintaining its energy, distinctive voice and element of surprise that engages his viewer's senses.""Flowers are something that folks deliberately bring into their lives because they are beautiful, or give as a gift to someone they love," states Shepherd who goes on to say "Nature echoes over and over again, the same flowers bloom, the leaves fall and return, the snow falls then melts into our water, year after year." The artist utilizes many of the same images in his work, which he presents in various ways as a sort of tribute to the repetition of nature that is found throughout life.

His process begins with ripped faded scraps of paper, graceful yet unusual images that he then collages onto a smooth freshly sanded wood or repurposed, hand distressed vintage book cover. His organic style allows him to combine a variety of images to create original and interesting work. Producing his collages entirely from repurposed materials really excites Shepherd because he enjoys the idea of these "things" which once served a specific use now years later reused for something completely different.Shepherd is a self-taught artist based in Phoenix who is creating fascinating abstract paintings and collages. His work is included in private collections around the world and he has exhibited his work extensively throughout Arizona and Palm Springs California. Recently Shepherd has exhibited at Chartreuse Gallery, {9} The Gallery, Bokeh Gallery, Willo North Gallery, Off Madison Avenue and his work is currently represented by Royse Contemporary.His work has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print including Phoenix Magazine, Visual Art Source, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix New Times, Yab Yum Music & Art and Localrevibe.

April 4 - 29, 2018


Royse Contemporary is proud to present the solo exhibition of Angel Cabrales entitled NGC 4594 (The Sombrero Galaxy). The title refers to the actual spiral galaxy located in the constellation Virgo with a bright nucleus, an unusually large central bulge, and a prominent dust lane in its inclined disk, which gives it the appearance of a sombrero. "This galaxy is a focal point in my exploration in thoughts and needs to identify as an American of Mexican heritage in a world where political and social climates push cultural identity to the extremes and I find myself feeling out of place," states Cabrales. "These ideas and feelings are something many can relate to and Cabrales has once again created artwork that blends social and political concerns of today while beginning an important dialogue with his viewers," states Curator Nicole Royse.This exhibition features an enthralling new collection of mixed media abstract paintings and sculptures. Through his work the artist searches for a cultural home where he doesn't have to prove how American or how Mexican he is, and just live in the Spanglish amalgamation he grew up in. He utilizes industrial design and commercialism while approaching such tough topics through a powerful and often satirical lens. Cabrales has created laser cut resin "paintings" which the artist says, "track my voyage to self-discovery as I chart the Heavens in my search for NGC 4594 a place to call a celestial home of my imagination," going on to say "becoming a home to my feeling of displacement and want for a place to call my own."Cabrales is a multi-media sculptor who is creating dynamic sculptures, interactive installations and digital imagery. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Arizona State University and his Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of North Texas. Currently he is the Visiting Assistant Professor in Sculpture at the University of Texas at El Paso, as well as a mentor in The Low Residency Masters of Fine Arts Program for the School of Art Institute of Chicago.He has exhibited his artwork extensively in Texas and Arizona, having his work featured in both solo and group exhibitions at renowned institutions and galleries including most recently at the MAC, Texas Biennial, Galeria 409, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, The Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, Brownsville Fine Arts Museum, El Paso Museum of Art and AMBOS Project (a intervention collaboration). Royse Contemporary in Scottsdale, Arizona and Ro2 Gallery in Dallas, Texas currently represent Cabrales' work. His work has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print including ArtNet, Fusion Magazine, Texas Architect, Huffington Post, the El Paso Times, Scottsdale Independent, and Arizona Republic, just to name a few.

March 1 - March 31, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce If These Walls… the joint exhibition of renowned artists Thomas Breeze Marcus and Douglas Miles. This exhibition will showcase the latest work from both of these talented artists, highlighting their artistry, voice, culture and dynamic energy they bring to the contemporary art world.

Thomas Breeze Marcus is a fine artist, designer and public mural artist originally from the Tohono O'odham tribe growing up on the Salt River Reservation just east of Scottsdale, he has been painting in Phoenix since the early 1990’s.  In 2014 Marcus was commissioned by the Heard Museum on the east outside wall of the Heard's Steele Auditorium, titled, "The Power of Mother Earth. His mural work can be found throughout Phoenix and his fine art is currently represented by Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marcus favors aerosol and paint markers to create his intricate works, utilizing a vibrant color palette and captivating and familiar subject matter. “Marcus is a skilled artist talented artist whose works reflect the woven stories of our lives, reminiscent of patterns found in traditional Tohono O’odham basketry,” states curator Nicole Royse.

Douglas Miles is a fine artist, designer, activist, and the creator/founder of Apache Skateboards, Douglas Miles. Miles brings a 21st century voice to what it means to be a Native American artist exploring his heritage, pop culture and ideas of fine art. A veteran artist, Douglas Miles has been busy creating both fine art and street art while currently living with his wonderful family on the Apache San Carlos Reservation. His art celebrates his heritage while at the same time reflecting upon the realities of his life on the reservation. Miles favors aerosol and paint markers preferring to create on found everyday objects from the reservation, which he feels further connects him with his community, his heritage, while elevating everyday objects to fine art status. “Miles creates striking hand drawn and cut stencils, which he applies throughout his work and that really highlight his skill and artistry,” states Curator Nicole Royse.

February 8-25, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce the solo exhibition of artist Fred Tieken entitled The TIEKEN Zone - No Rules Apply! This exhibition will feature a comprehensive selection of his latest paintings that showcase the artist's eye for composition, diverse subject matter and poignant commentary, states curator Nicole Royse. Fresh off his exhibition at LA Art Show with bG Gallery, this marks Tieken's first exhibition in Arizona in over a year. Tieken recently opened Tieken Gallery LA, a vibrant, contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles, CA this past fall.

Tieken's artwork is expressionistic and painterly in style, highlighting personal subjects and experiences through irony and wit. The artist's love of color, bold lines, and mixed media are seamlessly blended with his wry social observations and smart symbolism. Tieken's art allows the viewer a brief glimpse into his colorful and dazzling world where one senses a pure excitement and passion for life, art, and music. "Painting is like baring my soul to the world," states Tieken whose level of emotional commitment is beautifully and vividly demonstrated in his work. 

January 11 - February 3, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce the solo exhibition of mixed-media artist Charmagne Coe entitled Pan Door, featuring a vast selection of her surreal drawings and paintings that combine watercolor, ink and pastel. The artworks are fantastical, and yet they are also rooted in the material and immaterial substance of daily life and history. The artist’s most recent work rawly pushes the limits of her skills and media. Coe reveals that her work expresses the vulnerable human experience of opening doors in oneself, and thus discovering new facets that can be strange at first, revealing, and quite verdant. “Coe’s unhindered style, luminous color palette, sinuous lines, and delicate forms lure the viewer in where they can further examine and reflect upon themselves,” states curator Nicole Royse.

The artist employs spirit drawing/writing and meditation while working in order to be fluid and receptive, resulting in work she terms 'expressive surrealism'. In weaving elements, characters, and environments together, Coe illustrates the tangible and intangible ways people connect to one another, society and their natural world. The driving forces of her work are love and egalitarianism. When viewing the works featured in Pan Door, it feels as if one is opening doors: “Behind each one you may see the shifting of a paradigm, the rich dynamics within a relationship, accepted pain and/or the pursuit of joy,” elaborates Coe. 

Coe received her Bachelors of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University in elementary education with a minor in fine arts. She has exhibited at the ASU Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona Opera, Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, the Coconino Center for the Arts and most recently at Chartreuse Gallery. Her work has been included in numerous publications including Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design, Creative Quarterly, and gate-fold album art design for ambient group, Pausal.

December 7, 2017 -  January 3, 2018


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce the solo exhibition of mixed-media artist Constance McBride entitled It’s Nature’s Way, featuring an impressive body of work highlighting the artist’s interest in the cycle of life, the human form and the natural world. The exhibition will feature a selection of sculptures, pastel drawings, and paintings. When asked about her work McBride simply stated, “I work primarily with clay, it’s made from decomposed granite and minerals of the earth and it holds memories,” she goes on to say, “It’s malleable and I like to think we are too; not without conviction but flexible enough to ride the waves of change and open enough to accept the results of them.” 

It’s Nature’s Way highlights a charismatic collection of work which the artist said is “inspired by living really close to the desert; it’s an ever present influence on me. I’m intrigued by all the diverse vegetation - bits and pieces of debris are picked up and saved in my studio.” McBride further elaborates that “the desert is continually expanding, contracting, and redefining itself; so are we, it’s a shared pursuit of survival.” McBride brilliantly sculpts the human form as well as nature in a unique and beautiful way, filled with symbolism and exquisite craftsmanship, states curator Nicole Royse, who goes on to say that “what I love most about McBride’s work is her keen eye for detail, her graceful touch with the clay and her distinct voice that she is able to share through her strong imagery.”

November 9 - December 2, 2017


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce Expression & Dialogue, the joint exhibition of Dan Pederson and Thuong Nguyen. This exciting exhibition will feature the mixed media assemblages of Dan Pederson and abstract paintings of Thuong Nguyen. 

Expression & Dialogue highlights a thought-provoking collection of work from these two talented artists that may appear aesthetically different, but have an undeniable connection and energy that unites their work. Through the raw and expressive work of Pederson combined with the powerful dialogue of Nguyen paintings, this unique pairing of artists is stimulating yet harmonious, states owner and curator Nicole Royse. Nguyen has said that his feels his work reflects a "Dialogue that is represented by the usage of abstract brush strokes, forms, and lines, once incorporated, the works express my questions and concerns about humanity and nature." Pederson's work offers a modern simplicity that has a feeling of immediacy about it, he states "I use layers to help create new textures and movement, while I explore different ways to express myself, through traditional media, such as wood and canvas, as well as ephemeral media i.e. paper, found objects." 

October 15 - November 4, 2017


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce the solo exhibition of mixed-media artist Rafael Navarro entitled Sound of Color, featuring an impressive body of work highlighting the artist's love of art and music, his range and mastery of skill and captivating works filled with symbolism, spirit and craftsmanship. The exhibition will feature a variety of mediums including painting, mixed-media and sculpture. When asked about his work Navarro simply stated, "I prefer to communicate visually, in a poetic manner, making similarities in the creation of life, music, and art."Sound of Color highlights a charismatic collection of work inspired by music and musical instruments themselves, which the artist says "are already artworks by themselves made by extraordinary craftswomen, and craftsmen with the purpose to create music, music that is present in our everyday lives." Navarro brilliantly blends mediums, symbolism, and craftsmanship into dynamic and enthralling works of art, states curator Nicole Royse, who goes on to say that "what I love most about Navarro's work is his keen eye for details, the strong imagery he depicts and the stories each piece tells."

October 5-14 2017


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce the joint exhibition of Arizona Artists Alexandra Bowers and Cherie Buck-Hutchison, showcasing intricate wood burnings of Sonoran desert flora and fauna, as well as digitally composited photography reflecting upon the southwest landscape. Alexandra Bowers and Cherie Buck-Hutchison work and lives share the common bond and influence of the southwest. Bowers latest wood burned studies that have been inspired by her recent data collected from the surrounding natural environment in the Sonoran desert. Bowers creates delicate artworks with her tool of choice wood, adorning unique and intricate hand burned drawings of local flora and fauna. During her nature explorations, she extensively studies and records her findings, which she then utilizes to produce wood burned studies of plants and animals. Her artwork pushes the pre-conceived ideas of wood burning as "craft-based" form of art making, into fine art. Trained in the arts she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Herberger Institute For Design and the Arts, Arizona State University 2012. She has exhibited her artwork across the valley including Legend City Studios, Made Boutique, PhiCA, Practical Art, Shemer Art Center, and Tempe Center for the Arts.

Buck-Hutchison'swork features digitally composited photos manipulated to create meaning relevant to contemporary issues. She is revisiting her personal history "to divine a feminine narrative within patriarchal religious practices while juxtaposing dual imagery with the intent to create a space for female religious leadership where currently there may be none." Buck-Hutchison composites decades, uniting relatives from the 1950s through the 1970s; she creates a magical southwest of the future where women enjoy the same religious privileges and responsibilities as men.Traditionally trained, she received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Intermedia from Arizona State University. She has exhibited her artwork in both solo and group exhibitions throughout Arizona at various galleries including Eye Lounge, Vision Gallery, the monOrchid, ASU Night Gallery, ASU Step Gallery, The Shemer Art Center, and the Phoenix Art Museum. 

September 14-30, 2017


Royse Contemporary is excited to announce it's first exhibition entitled Southwest Contemporary Today, showcasing a vibrant multi-media group exhibition. Curator and owner Nicole Royse has selected artists based on their distinctive voice, accomplished work, connection and history with the American Southwest, as well as their commitment and impact in the arts. 

Southwest Contemporary Today showcases the work of six noteworthy artists based in both Arizona and Texas including Angel Cabrales, Charmagne Coe, Monica Aissa Martinez, Daniel Shepherd, Marilyn Szabo, and Fred Tieken who push boundaries and redefine what southwest art is today. The exhibition will offer an eclectic selection of work, which includes collage, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media that are connected through bold imagery, vibrant color palettes and engaging styles. 





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