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Daniel Shepherd

About the artist...

Daniel Shepherd is a Phoenix based artist who is creating fascinating abstract paintings and vintage collages. Shepherd developed a style he calls "Ambient Painting,"the result is his popular “Colour Box” Series. These minimalist abstract paintings utilize Acrylic paint on repurposed hand distressed wood panels. Shepherd refers to his painting technique as “Ambient Painting” working with bright and saturated colors often colliding with pastels or minimal abstractions becoming more expansive with a plaintive serenity. 

Shepherd also creates “Vintage Collages” reconfiguring imagery and subjects in interesting and often unusual ways while still retaining all the grace, elegance and natural beauty of their original forms. His style is organic, combining a variety of images to create each work. Producing his collages entirely from repurposed materials really excites Shepherd because he enjoys the idea of these “things” which once served a specific use now years later reused for something completely different. 

His work is included in private collections around the world and he has exhibited extensively throughout Arizona and California at such venues as Chartreuse Gallery, For The People, {9} The Gallery, Bokeh Gallery, Royse Contemporary, Willo North Gallery and Off Madison Avenue. His work has been featured in several publications including Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix New Times, Paradise Valley Independent Newspaper, and YabYum Music & Art. 

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