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Peter Brian Klein

About the artist...

Peter Brian Klein born, raised and educated in Phoenix, Az. Falling in love with photography at a young age, he knew that it would be life long
journey of learning and exploration of the photographic process. With
an initial education using film and darkroom printing Klein has always 
been fond of the tangible process of using chemistry and experimentation to create art from a latent image. He is no purist and has fully embraced the tools of the digital revolution and continues to experiment with using a myriad of new digital printing techniques and materials that are now available. 

Klein’s aesthetic vision is primarily B&W and his subject matter often varies as his perspective may shift from natural to architectural and even avant-grade imagery. “The allure of B&W photography is its nostalgic, timeless qualities, how it can set the mood and emphasize emotion,” states Klein. He feels that art is a communicative device that should convey, and even at times, create emotion.

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