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Cherie Buck-Hutchison

About the artist...

Cherie Buck-Hutchison is an American artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. Buck-Hutchison is a photo and video-based artist, often incorporating other mediums into her work. She summons the use of her imagination to reorient spatial and social boundaries. Her use of layered imagery is a counteraction of the movement to invisibility that is often imposed through authoritarian practices. The lens shifts to bring the unseen into greater focus by manipulating the private onto the public landscape. Red rock configurations and canyons often appear in her imagery; a manifestation of her interest in reconciling the metaphoric interiority and exteriority of the landscape.
In this series formerly marginalized women share an intrepid role in the transformation of leadership within specific cultures. Using family photos, the women in imagery such Sisters Lead at Dinosaur National Monument are magically empowered while still allowing space for all genders. Unfolding through time and space, Buck-Hutchison’s work portrays an invented American melancholy, inviting conversation regarding contemporary women’s issues within a national identity. The enchanted southwest of the future is deftly layered into existence.
Buck-Hutchison has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. She is the former co-President of eye lounge Gallery, a collective of eleven artists in downtown Phoenix. She was named one of the top 100 Creatives in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016 by The New Times. She is a cofounder of InSight, an initiative to deepen community, cultural and artistic practices through collaborations between the visual and literary populace in Phoenix, Arizona.
Her recent exhibitions include the Brownsville Art Museum, The Old Courthouse Center for the Arts, eye lounge Gallery, Bokeh Gallery at the MonOrchid, the Providence Art Club and the Appaloosa branch of Scottsdale’s Public Library.

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